Zhang Dali

Pizziolo, M & Ravasio, R 2009, Zhang Dali. The forbidden fascination of new China, Argo, Turin.

Here above the full version of the book. You can browse the 40 pages of the eBook, read the essays by Marina Pizziolo and Romano Ravasio, an interview with the artist by Manuela Lietti, the Art Consulting representative in Beijing and look at the artworks by Zhang Dali.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in Turin at Palazzo della Provincia. It presents an extraordinary selection of works by one of the greatest contemporary Chinese artists: works acquired by a private Turinese collection curated by Marina Pizziolo and Romano Ravasio.

This book offers a special vantage point to gain an understanding of the radical transformation underway in the People’s Republic of China. Zhang Dali is one of the most accredited Chinese artists at home and abroad. His message, of courageous political dissent, is expressed in the language of sculpture, photography and painting.

In Zhang Dali’s studio in Beijing, among the sculptures of his monumental installation. From left, Marina Pizziolo, Zhang Dali, Romano Ravasio and one collector of theirs