What are the rules for making a good investment in art? What precautions should be taken? What are the myths to dispel? Why is it always better to rely on an art consultant? In this television broadcast Marina Pizziolo answers all these questions with Mariacristina Ragazzoni, Head of Art advisory at Banca Aletti.

Antonio Stellatelli is an Italian collector who travelled with us to China and India. We took him to visit the studios of major artists; he was able to meet them and discover their works. The result was a new art collection. We wrote a book on this extraordinary adventure we experienced together. This video, shot in Jodhpur, New Delhi and Mumbai, describes the magic of those days.

Creating an art collection can become something more than a cultural adventure: an unforgettable experience. Travel, meetings with artists and personalities from the world of culture or the emotion of an art performance such as the one by Andrea Bianconi, commissioned for the launch of a book on a collection in progress. This is what an Italian collector experienced in New York with us.

What is the difference between news and art photos? A compelling speech, which touches on themes such as the paradox of truth and the possibility of manipulation of memory by photography, to reach the topic of the representation of pain, fear and existential scream in contemporary art.

Arturo Carmassi is an artist who experienced art as a powerful attempt to justify our presence. His works are huge aesthetic machines, ready to produce questions. Years of dialogue and friendship between Carmassi and Marina Pizziolo. The film, made by the French director Jean-Claude Luyat, allows you to enter the mysterious world of this artist, who died in 2015.

Federico Guida’s painting and Paolo Schmidlin’s sculpture face off in a close duel under the watchful eye of Marina Pizziolo. Which of the two is the body and who the soul? A freewheeling dialogue, which deals with the theme of beauty and the signs of aging on the body of man and woman. Is the soul only the shadow of thought and will it die with us? And what is the body? Stripping it is not enough to solve its eternal enigma.

A film that leads us to discover the art of Ettore de Conciliis, author of poetic landscapes, but also of committed works of public art: such as the Memorial of Portella della Ginestra, one of the first examples of land art in Italy, or the Park della Pace in Rome. Describing the artist are personalities from the world of culture: writer Tahar Ben Jelloun, critics Marina Pizziolo and Maurizio Marini, violinist Uto Ughi and sociologist Pino Arlacchi.