Viaggio al termine della notte

Pizziolo, M 2005, Viaggio al termine della notte. Roberto Coda Zabetta e Giovanni Manfredini, Skira, Milan.

The catalogue of the exhibition held at the Fondazione Bandera when it was directed by Marina Pizziolo. A captivating duel between two young Italian artists, increasingly appreciated on the international scene as qualified interpreters of a disquiet that is the silent drama of our time.

“If night is the place of darkness, the end of the night is where darkness is no longer a prelude to day but the dimension of absolute darkness, of loss of self. Darkness is the negation of light. It is therefore timeless, a suspension of being, like Cartesian Ego. That is why it is the territory of dreams and nightmares. Beyond the reassuring door of light you can only fall into a void without points of reference”.