The Indian Renaissance

Pizziolo, M & Ravasio, R 2012, The Indian Renaissance. A research project on the new frontiers of art, L’Artistica, Savigliano.

Here above the full version of the book. You can browse the 40 pages of the eBook, read the essays by Marina Pizziolo and Romano Ravasio, a text by the collector and look at all the new acquisitions. A real guided visit that allows you to enter a private observatory on Indian contemporary art.

The book presents an overview of the latest contemporary Indian artworks to enter the Stellatelli collection, curated by Marina Pizziolo and Romano Ravasio. In recent years India has been experiencing an extraordinary Renaissance from the artistic, cultural and economic standpoint. This collection “in progress”, which we present as the account of a project, of a journey just embarked upon, is intended to be an Italian homage to Indian energy.

“Passion for art can be expressed in many ways. Collecting is perhaps the most complete way, because it offers the possibility of powerfully expressing our preferences, of encapsulating them in the gesture of acquisition. The collector – and here we are obviously referring to the enlightened ones – does not buy to exclude others from enjoying the work. He purchases to study, to support and to stimulate. Not only that: to save, to publicize and to display. Antonio Stellatelli has chosen to collect in order to know and to make known. His collections only remain temporarily within the walls of his home. His story as a collector is the story of the exhibitions of his collections”.

Romano Ravasio, the Indian artist Mithu Sen and Marina Pizziolo, in the artist’s studio in New Delhi

In New Delhi, the Indian artist Sudarshan Shetty, Marina Pizziolo and Farah Siddiqui, Art Consulting’s representative in India