Self-portraits in virtual reality

Behind the mirror. The eyes of an artist scrutinize the world, bringing us new visions of the reality we live in. Sometimes, however, artists decide simply to offer themselves up to our gaze and let us into their world. And this is what lies behind the self-portrait.

Imagine a self-portrait in virtual reality. Imagine seeing an artist at work in his studio. In these short videos we see the artists right at that intimate moment when they are creating. Using a virtual reality viewer, film shot with a 360 ° camera brings you an all-round experience of the studio. But even just moving your cursor brings you into the studio, with the artist working right there before your eyes.

Alessandro Papetti Andrea Bianconi

Ugo Riva Ugo Riva

Nicola Magrin Nicola Magrin

Nicolò Quirico Andrea Cereda