Collecting is an art
that requires expertise

Who we are. After lengthy experience gained working in museums in Italy and Europe, we have applied our historical, critical and scientific knowledge to the creation of art collections: private and public. Because collecting is an art that requires expertise.
Today we are the curators of some of the world’s most important international collections. Moreover, many of the collections we have created from scratch have been the focus of exhibitions and monographic works or have even become, thanks to us, art foundations and private museums in their own right.
Through our Network of Consultants operating on the most important art markets worldwide, we are by your side. Wherever you are.

Who we work with. We work with art enthusiasts who aspire to prestigious collections. Our ideal interlocutors are collectors who are well aware that their art collection reflects their culture and style. People convinced that chance is their worst ally in the realization of any idea; people used to developing strategies to achieve their aims, convinced that major creations are always the result of a carefully prepared project.

We work with companies looking for artworks for their prestige executive premises or that wish to use art as an instrument of communication. Companies aware that image is a sophisticated and powerful instrument of persuasion.

We work with institutions that wish to find in art a fascinating mirror of the cultural and social values which they represent, in a dialogue that enhances the architecture of their internal spaces or is in tune with daring urbanistic projects.

What we offer. As art Consultants, we are able to work alongside collectors, offering them an across-the-board consultancy service, enabling them to move effortlessly through the treacherous maze of the art market and, finally, creating a prestigious collection. We are sensitive to the different cultural environments and able to create solutions of refined communicative impact, carefully tailored to suit specific requirements.
With a series of exclusive services specially designed for collectors, companies or institutions, our consultancy work includes all issues concerning works of art: from research, acquisition and commissioning public and private artworks to creating and curating a major collection, even at museum level.