Pablo Santibañez Servat ¡Hola muerte!

Pizziolo, M 2003, Pablo Santibañez Servat ¡Hola muerte!, Galleria Marieschi, Milan.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in Milan, in the rooms of the Treccani Museum when it was directed by Marina Pizziolo, as part of the Osservatorio project, a programme of exhibitions introducing emerging young international artists.

“Reality as a mirror, the echo of our ego: painting as imitation. Santibañez loves to play with symbolic values and he uses objects as emanators of ideas. And the scent of these ideas, of these intriguing concepts, is concentrated in his compositions, in his dimly lit uninhabited and silent rooms: sanctuaries where a rite is about to be consumed that we cannot understand, because it repeats the gestures of an unexpressed secret. The fox, the pumpkin, the mannequins, the pagan idols, the Madonna with arms outstretched are present in the paintings like sentinels on the alert, to show us the way to enter and understand, or the way get lost. Not by chance, the paintings often depict other paintings; repeated, one inside the other, till they compose a labyrinth of images, as in a game of mirrors. It would be easy at this point to slip behind the mirror, to cross the threshold of a dimension of silence”.