Nicolò Quirico. Terza Creazione

Gesualdi, A 2020, Nicolò Quirico. Terza Creazione, virtual exhibition catalogue at Villa Castelbarco, Self-Publishing, Imbersago | 2021, enhanced rE-print, EdiXion, Milan.

We chose Nicolò Quirico because his artworks represent an effective example of photography’s ability not only to capture reality, but also to invent it and to breathe new life into it. This exhibition is also an invention: in fact, it is a virtual exhibition, staged in a splendid 17th-century Italian villa.

Quirico uses his photographic lens to isolate details and glimpses of some of the world’s most iconic cities. Removed from context and often rendered with altered proportions, these details transport us into a mysterious place: a fantastical city in which it is magical to get lost.

Quirico’s reality is always an urban reality. Cities consist of overlapping: of spaces, of functions, of people. And so do his artworks, that come to life through the superimposition of photographs on collages made from old book pages.
Quirico’s works are a metaphor for the city. Architecture is the geometry of space: book pages are the space of words, of culture: suggesting that cities are our history. A history waiting to be discovered.

Nicolò Quirico talks about his artworks

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Virtual tour of Nicolò Quirico’s studio