Nicolò Quirico. Terza Creazione artist’s book

For fifteen copies of the catalog of the Third Creation exhibition, Nicolò Quirico has created as many wall sculptures: all unique pieces.

These fifteen artist’s books are inspired by the work Vessilli per abitanti eroici (Flags for heroic inhabitants), an installation that is a metaphor for the Italian flag. The surface of this ideal flag is formed by a mosaic of urban architecture: the facades of houses, important or anonymous, where the men, women and children who inhabit our cities live side by side. They are the “heroic inhabitants”, capable of resisting metropolitan alienation.

Once again the cities of Nicolò Quirico speak and tell a story of shapes, joints, overlaps. In the same way, the geometry of the architecture seeks a parallel with the modular forms of ancient typographic drawers, which once kept the movable printing type, those with which the books were made that now give substance to the images of Quirico’s artworks.

Wooden bases, designed as three-dimensional maps of possible cities, fit perfectly into the frames of the typographic drawers, becoming a special container. Books, vintage typographic material, wood: content and container come together in a dialogue made up of narratives and common materials.

Contact us and buy one of these fifteen sculptures by Nicolò Quirico at the price of 700 euros.

Andrea Cereda