Migneco europeo

Barbera, L & Pizziolo, M 2009, Migneco europeo, Silvana Editoriale, Milan.

The catalogue of the retrospective held as part of the Taormina Festival. It presents an in-depth reinterpretation of the work of Giuseppe Migneco, highlighting for the first time his profound bond with European culture. Elements evocative of Van Gogh and Bacon feed the powerful originality of the language of an artist “from an island, but not isolated”.

“A drama in three acts: that is Migneco’s story. A drama where the partition comes more than anything from the differences in writing, in the painterly notation. While the narrative thread running through remains the same. Or rather, it changes according to the times, the changing times. To the point that Migneco’s paintings prove to be powerful reflections of time, capable of conveying an exact impression of it to us. Migneco’s paintings are not places of judgement. If the story is happening now, then the duty of the witness is only to gather its evidence and report it. One’s own time can only be told. The judgement will come later.

For Migneco the distortion of the figures represents the personal research that runs through all his painting. Research that goes back to the teachings of Expressionism, to which Migneco had already been drawn in the 1930s: like Bacon, after all. Further proof of Migneco’s modernity, therefore. This ability of his to look at Europe when the cultural confines were condemned to implode under the autarchic anvil also falling heavily on the wind of ideas.”