Mauro Betti

Pizziolo, M 2002, Mauro Betti, Il Ponte, Florence.

An exploration of the painting of Mauro Betti, an Italian artist who plotted an original career path between the iconic and the non-iconic.

“Only fantasy knows how to light the fires capable of illuminating the route towards islands that only exist for us. Mauro Betti has learned to light these fires well. His reconnaissance in the territories of aesthetics has prompted him over the years to perfect a personal code that shatters the equivalence between visible and real, freely drawing from the infinite suggestions of the sign. And it is precisely in this sense that his research is topical. Because it exhibits its own liberty, which Betti practises as an audacious path between iconic and aniconic, without giving in to the ways of that mannerism of the material that represents the worst inheritance of the great, long season of Abstractism”.