Marco Petrus. Lo spazio del tempo

Pizziolo, M 1998, Marco Petrus. Lo spazio del tempo, Galleria Aldo Mari, Imbersago.

The catalogue of the exhibition dedicated to the winner of the Premio Morlotti Imbersago 1998. The award was conceived and administered for almost a decade by Marina Pizziolo as an observatory of the Italian art scene.

“Marco Petrus’ metropolitan landscapes never provide a foreshortened view; they are never a gratifying urban view but the prognosis of an event. The painting is no longer the space of a representation of reality but the time of an occurrence. Petrus’ work is one of conceptual abstraction from reality, translated into the anonymous material plot of buildings that rise in the space of the painting like an impassable barrier to the eye. Petrus performs an operation of imaginary urban planning: he tells of an empty city, not with the easy chiaroscuro of feeling, but with the geometry of ideas”.