Le ragioni della libertà

De Micheli, M, De Michelis, M & Pizziolo, M 1995, Le ragioni della libertà. A cinquant’anni dalla Resistenza, Vangelista, Milan.

The catalogue of the major exhibition of painting, sculpture, architecture and theatre held at the Triennale in Milan in 1995. An event inaugurated by the President of the Republic, which saw the culmination of the Italian celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the Liberation.

“The words of Bertolt Brecht are as topical as ever: ‘The belly that gave birth to Fascism is still fertile. Because, what in our historical experience has taken the name of Fascism, in the world had the name of Stalinism, apartheid, has the name of ethnic cleansing, fundamentalism. And the party for the Liberation is not only a kind of political exorcism, a recurrence to be celebrated on 25th April, a little more tiredly with each passing year. But rather a daily commitment that has the name racial integration, struggle for human rights, equality between men and women, ecology”.

Marina Pizziolo and Ernesto Treccani, founder of Corrente magazine, whose contributors included some outstanding intellectuals who fought against fascist dictatorship