Le maioliche di Castelli d’Abruzzo

Pizziolo, M & Proterra, R 1996, Le maioliche di Castelli d’Abruzzo, La Piazza, Robbiate

Through the analysis of the work of five major contemporary artists the book offers views on the new possibilities of interpretation of the majolica of Castelli d’Abruzzo.

In their hands, the canonical nature of the traditional masterly execution is changed into the liberty of a creation of form that only obeys the rules of poetic necessity. Grès stoneware, firebricks, majolica, often in dialogue with wood, stone or metal, are used without the constrictions of tradition. Clay has once again become a soft earth on which to etch one’s own story, the material sign of an immaterial tension: what, in the journey to the end of the night that we have all undertaken, constantly takes us in search of shreds of light.