La Milano dei Brambilla e di Buzzati

Pizziolo, M 1998, La Milano dei Brambilla e di Buzzati. Tre amici nel naufragio dei giorni, Gallone Editore, Milan.

A fascinating reconstruction of the life-long friendship between Dino Buzzati and brothers Arturo and Alberto Brambilla. Through an extraordinary corpus of unpublished letters the lives of three extraordinary intellectuals are brought to light. The best known, Dino Buzzati, is revealed in a different, private dimension. A man who speaks of himself to his friends without modesty.
“In my view letters should be a written conversation”: that was Buzzati’s idea. And indeed through the hundreds of letters the three friends exchanged we feel the emotion of witnessing conversations which take place in an intimacy, with a sureness of understanding that has nothing to do with the way you present yourself when knowing you are writing for unknown readers. Browsing through the hundreds of pages of this intense correspondence is a little like being able to put your foot down on time’s accelerator. The lives of the three run parallel with the pages: from the effervescence of childhood to the fog of adolescence, from the frantic race to arrive to the doubts over the value of the targets reached.

“We are used to considering life, the brief panorama of our world, as a static, unchangeable universe. But what we are promising ourselves as eternal is only the instant of something that is slowly slipping away. Our world is the succession of many fragile worlds; our time is non-stop, but a defined sequence of instants. We always realise this too late when faced with the irreparable loss of something or someone whom we believed was ours forever. It happens to everybody. It happened to Dino Buzzati the day Arturo Brambilla died. He had put that precious friendship aside; there would be time, one day: ‘the treasure was always there locked away in the safe and nobody could touch it; fool that I was, I didn’t think that one day, without anybody breaking in, the safe might be empty’. In the shipwreck of days friendship was the life raft to climb aboard. Friendship made up of profound understanding, nourished by common aspirations and by clear insights. Stronger than love, of which it does not know the blindness, the nagging doubts or the pain. It was amicizia therefore, friendship, not amore, love, which starts with an a: the solution to the deception of time”.