The art of communicating. We can find the appropriate solutions with you to interpret your institutional message, in the manner most in tune with your national context, profoundly respecting your cultural and social values.

Our critical and scientific expertise, honed in the museum sphere, our twenty years of experience and our international team make us the ideal partners of institutions that intend to create works of art in the public sphere. Indoors or outdoors, as an ideal completion to complex architectural creations or daring urban planning schemes. Working alongside your decision-making bodies, we can give you the necessary support to complete the entire complex process that leads to the creation of public works of art that are sophisticated and of great communicative power, able to make your architectural project stand out.
Art is the powerful spirit of places and times. Thanks to our consultancy services, free from unwelcome commercial pressures, art can become a fascinating mirror of the values of your institution or government.

What we can do for you. If you are planning to commission a work of art or a series of works of art we can find the ideal location, evaluating, for example, how the work will interact visually with the architecture or urban fabric, matters of security, compatibility with the primary function of your spaces and the different perception of the work, by day or by night. We can find the artistic genre that is most suitable for your communicative purposes, from the more classical, yet created using a contemporary language, to the new interactive possibilities. We will advise you on the most suitable materials for the local climate, even where the conditions are extreme, while at the same time respecting the most advanced standards of environmental safety. We can assess any maintenance in advance and plan it over time.

Thanks to our network of privileged and consolidated relationships, we can procure major artists on the international scene and create monuments, sculptures or fountains for outdoors, or collections for internal spaces that will create a buzz worldwide.

Our guarantees. Our company, which can boast collaborations with important international institutions and government authorities, has a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London (PII Certificate). We are accustomed to interacting with complex bureaucracies and to enabling constant monitoring of the progress of works, in the most transparent manner possible.