Inventing a museum. The exceptional development of many countries is also causing an increased demand for culture and, therefore, new museums.
Our specific profile, multidisciplinary and international, our sensitivity towards the most diverse cultures combined with twenty years of experience in the museum world, enable us to work alongside government bodies to resolve the complex issues involved in these ambitious projects, assisting you in all the phases of realization. From drafting the conceptual profile of the new museum – artistic, historical or scientific – to choosing the most suitable architectural firm for your requirements. From deciding the spaces necessary and how they will function to coordinating your requirements with those of the architectural design. From resolving the problems of layout to addressing the educational aspects. From creating partnerships with museums in other countries to planning cultural activities.

A museum that reinvents itself over time. To truly be at the core of a cultural renewal, to be a powerful magnet for national and international tourism a museum cannot simply be a static container, but must be a generator of events. It needs to act as a pole of attraction that changes constantly year after year. We can make all this happen for you.

Restyling of existing museums. We are able to assist you in completely restyling existing museums. This restyling can involve the architecture, the exhibition spaces, the education programme, the planning and communication of exhibitions and cultural activities. In the new global context, every museum is precious, provided it is able to create a dialogue between its vocation for conservation and the constantly changing languages of the international community.