Il parco della pace. Ettore de Conciliis

Pizziolo, M & Pratesi, F 2009, Il parco della pace. Ettore de Conciliis, Consiglio Regionale del Lazio, Rome.

A monograph published to mark the opening of the Parco della Pace, a complex work of land art created in Rome by Ettore de Conciliis. This vast plastic architectural scheme is a choral work with its conceptual epicentre in the dialogue between three large stone sculptures symbolising the three main monotheistic religions, and a literary stroll, its rhythm marked by the words of authors of various cultures, engraved on twenty-two stones spread out around the park.

“What makes this park a complex work of land art is the single-minded intent that guided the entire project. It was de Conciliis’s intent to create a memorial of clear significance by not invasively intervening in the landscape. He aimed to highlight the natural characteristics of the space, rather than overlay it with the arrogance of an aesthetic artifice.
Peace, to which the park is dedicated, finds its expression in the symbolic placements of the three large peperino stone sculptures which represent the three major monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The sculptures have been placed in such a manner that all three are constantly visible to each other, presenting an image of a possible dialogue. Not just to be hoped for, but real, ancient and deep”.