Il corpo e l’anima. Guida e Schmidlin

Pizziolo, M 2004, Il corpo e l’anima. Federico Guida e Paolo Schmidlin, Skira, Milan.

The catalogue of the exhibition held at the Fondazione Bandera when it was directed by Marina Pizziolo. This fascinating comparison between painter Guida and sculptor Schmidlin inaugurated a series of duets between emerging Italian artists.

An exhibition that invites profound reflection on the meaning of appearance and physicality, as well as on the role art is called upon to play in the years of communication by images.

“The body and the soul. Contradictory and complementary. The body is the form of life. The soul is the time, the breath of eternity that pervades us. The body is the condition of life, the soul its premise.
The bodies of Federico Guida are almost always naked. Bodies flooded with a red that shouts out its belonging to the world of ideas. The space in which these souls/bodies perform their anomalous contortions is a surreal stage. The surface is sumptuous, usually characterized by the application of a damask cloth, the captivating place of the everyday and its hedonistic enticements, whereas the background is dark. The place of time, an abyss ready to devour the figure poised in its uneasy state of being.
The presences evoked by Paolo Schmidlin are powerful totems erected to obstruct our distracted wandering. Hermae raised as a grim warning. Mirrors of our fears, but mirrors that burn. The obsession of youth is consumed as an age-old pain in Schmidlin’s semblances of women. Eros and Thanatos are the clock hands that traverse our time like formidable scythes”.

The exhibition ‘Il corpo e l’anima. Federico Guida e Paolo Schmidlin’ at the Fondazione Bandera