Il cenacolo verde

Pizziolo, M 2005, Il cenacolo verde. Cassinari, Migneco, Morlotti, Sassu, Treccani in Brianza, Bellavite, Missaglia.

The study of works and documents reveals a virtual crossroads, in Brianza, near Milan, for five of the protagonists of the Italian art scene between 1940 and 1990. A natural place that becomes the metaphor of a possible dialogue.

“Brianza. The green and blue of woods and water. Hard-working, polluted, strict, calm, secret. Without the softness of the Venetian hills. Without the rigorous geometry of the Tuscan hills. That is all there is to tell of constant untiring work day after day.
A rhetoric of the identity of a place certainly exists, but the rhetoric is a weed that nevertheless grows from a root of truth. Brianza, first of all, is a hinterland of Milan, Monza, Como and Lecco. The place that is outside, a place of arrival for an entire series of reasons. Long chosen as home of intellectuals and artists, who, amid its hills and immersed in its greenery, have sought and found the concentration and peace necessary to give form and colour to their creativity. This, in particular, was the choice made by five artists between the 1940s and the 1990s. A choice that proved inspirational for a painting that transformed the locations of Brianza into meta-locations”.