Giovanni Paganin. Sculture 1940-1985

Pizziolo, M 1999, Giovanni Paganin. Sculture 1940-1985, Skira, Milan.

The catalogue of the most important retrospective of the sculpture of Giovanni Paganin, a leading artist on the Milanese art scene of the post-war period. The exhibition was held at the Museum of La Permanente in Milan.

“The polarity between the male and female universe evident in Paganin’s sculptural production of the 1960s lessened during the following decade. The pondered plasticity of the male nudes, whose only deviation is those disquieting mutilations, was echoed by a treatment of the female nude that for the first time allowed itself naturalistic tones in the turgid definition of the volumes. These are bodies of mature women, which one of the recurrent titles, Eva, summons into a mythical territory: but the evocation of the name is not sufficient to cancel out the tranquil formal description. The hands are raised to protect the eyes, the arms to cover the head in the ancient gesture of defence that the artist had experimented with for the first time during his Corrente period”.