Giovanni Frangi. Demasiado Tarde

Pizziolo, M 1998, Giovanni Frangi. Demasiado tarde, Galleria Aldo Mari, Imbersago.

The catalogue of the exhibition dedicated to the winner of the Premio Morlotti Imbersago 1997. The award was conceived and directed for almost a decade by Marina Pizziolo as an observatory of the Italian art scene.

Frangi shatters the experience of seeing that anticipates or follows its recomposition in a temporal circuit running in two directions. By combining forty-two works to form a single huge painting, Frangi was able to bring together analysis and synthesis of seeing in an ideal recording of time passed, where we move fluidly from the entranced observation of the whole to the discovery of the detail.
Demasiado tarde is a choral work, profoundly choral. While the vision is undoubtedly introspective, the visualisation is intriguingly open. Frangi uses a fluent, painterly writing, effectively allusive: the colour invents a signic Esperanto that goes beyond the enclosure of the author’s memory to spell out our memories.”