Fondazione Aligi Sassu

Chiappini, R & Pizziolo, M 1997, Opere d’arte della città di Lugano. Fondazione Aligi Sassu, Skira, Milan.

The catalogue presents the entire corpus of the Aligi Sassu Foundation, established in Lugano following the artist’s wishes. The foundation hosts the author’s huge personal collection.

“It is a taste for the primitives that definitively replaces the Futurist lexicon in Sassu’s ideality, who finds in the linear purity and formal synthetism of archaism the way to unravel the haphazard process of becoming that he had earlier sought in the dissections of Umberto Boccioni. The urban landscapes of this period fully express the sense of this change which cannot be related back to that feeling, widespread at the time, that today goes by the name of Magic Realism, due to the vivid call to the here and now legible in the prose on the subject, recreated by a colour that shouts its adherence not to the geometry of ideas but to the chiaroscuro of feeling”.