Ettore de Conciliis pittore. La natura e la pace

Ben Jelloun, T & Pizziolo, M 2011, Ettore de Conciliis pittore. La natura e la pace, Parlamento Europeo di Bruxelles, Il Cigno, Rome.

A monograph published to mark the exhibition at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels. Marina Pizziolo and Tahar Ben Jelloun compose a double portrait of an artist who throughout his life has fought a courageous battle for peace and in defence of poetry.

“The problem is that the aesthetic model based on invention does not admit replicas or studied variations. If Hirst puts a shark in formaldehyde, the artist who hopes for the same success simply by making a zoological variation should not have any chance. Unfortunately, however, it is not so. And the art system is polluted by infinite replicas of ingenious inventions. The objection could be made that this has always been the case with artists choosing to mimic old models and continuing to apply themselves to rendering variations of sunsets, snowstorms or vase of flowers. But there is a fundamental difference. The artist who decides to copy reality has already decided not to invent anything. Originality is not therefore the appropriate yardstick by which to judge his or her work, but rather that of their ability to render that form of reality with an effective variation of style. The artist who copies reality provides another opportunity to give names to the world. By choice, they are common, agreed upon names. No new language is invented, just a new story. Ettore de Conciliis has known how to tell many stories”.