Ettore de Conciliis. Opere 1979-2005

Pizziolo, M 2005, Ettore de Conciliis. Opere 1979-2005, Skira, Milan.

A monograph that documents de Conciliis’ transition from the collective dimension of the political mural to the private one of the canvas. The life of this artist reflects the story of a whole generation of intellectuals who have experienced the failure of utopia.

During the 1980s, de Conciliis found a new dimension of painting. The space is now that of the canvas, the methods those of a reflection of the real that abandons the necessary simplification of Muralism and experiments with a soft new modulation of colour. The story told now is a private one which, belonging to the essential experience of the landscape and still-life, is familiar again. And while the still-lifes simulate acts of anarchaeology, with their exhibiting of natural finds pilfered by time, the landscapes display a pleasure at their sight that has all the flavour of a joyful discovery.

If de Conciliis previously had attacked those who threatened the freedom of mankind with his paintings, now he defends the freedom to look, the freedom to dream the real, against the forgers that go around peddling the oxymoron of virtual reality, behind which the shadow of a dictatorship is already cast.