Ernesto Treccani. Collezione Brambati

Pizziolo, M 1999, Ernesto Treccani. Anni novanta. Opere dalla collezione Brambati, Brainframes, Imbersago.

The vast Brambati collection curated by Marina Pizziolo and Romano Ravasio offers a unique observation point from which to explore Treccani’s painting of the 1990s.

“Treccani’s late period did not abandon the dimension of reality. It plays at crossing the threshold that separates the real from the seen, albeit through the eyes of poetry. ‘Mine is a gestural painting but with an assumption of memory’, Treccani told me one day. Perhaps the gift of splendid maturity that the artist is experiencing is precisely this seeing with closed eyes which enables him to draw from that forest of images to which the dreams of the great poets have given life – poets who have often been the inspiration for entire cycles of his most recent production – and the dreams of common people, dreams which he has not forgotten”.

Marina Pizziolo and Pierino Brambati among the artworks of the collection

Marina Pizziolo, Ernesto Treccani and Pierino Brambati in Milan