The multimedia publishing house of Art Consulting

Unlimited unique editions: the publishing house that wasn’t there yet. EdiXion is the new publishing house of Art Consulting, which will create unlimited unique editions: of books, but also of artworks and more. Because EdiXion is unlimited ideas.
Let’s start talking about the books. Every book will be unique, just as each artist and each artwork is unique. At the same time, it will be possible to print it over and over again and to add variations and updates that will make each edition or even each copy of the book different from the others. An ever-new instrument, like our time and the artworks that an artist is capable of creating.

Why the X? The X is the symbol of our editions: never determined in advance.
The X represents an open book that mirrors itself. In fact, the EdiXion books are aimed at revealing the other half of art, the one behind the mirror: the one that the public does not have access to, that can only be discovered through a direct dialogue with the artists, in a journey through their studios or the galleries that represent them. A journey that, thanks to the geolocation of our content, can become real.

EdiXion, an ethical project. The publishing house of Art Consulting reflects our philosophy: the belief that art is powerful self-exploration, exploration of the other, of the world. An art that claims an ethical dimension, against those who want to reduce it to a financial instrument.
EdiXion wants to give a voice to those who have no voice and those who have been silenced. It discovers new, talented artists from all over the world and re-discovers great artists who have been conveniently neglected because of market logic. It brings the public closer to the artists and brings art into people’s homes.

Our series. EdiXion offers different series of unique books.
Free solo, monographs on artists who are not yet represented by a gallery.
New classic, monographs on great forgotten artists.
Heritage, showing the legacy of artworks left behind by an artist.
Incunabula, valuable paper editions.
rE-print, digital re-editions of printed books that are almost impossible to find or have had limited circulation.
But EdiXion is also geo-localised cultural information, AR and VR for exhibitions and artists’ studios, Art-Gaming, 3D printed Art and art showcase.

For the artists, this is a new way of promoting themselves, and for the public, a new reading experience. Up to now, an emerging artist could send a series of photographs, a curriculum vitae, perhaps a catalogue to make themselves known. They could create a website and face the chaos of the web on their own. Now they can take advantage of a new tool. A book that provides a comprehensive presentation of their work and that can keep up with their research, with regular updates.
The EdiXion book can be an agile and concise digital presentation tool or an enhanced book, offering videos, podcasts and compelling 3D art experiences.

And for those who think that printed books are the only real books? Our books are digital to respect the environment and to be able to offer multimedia content, to allow hypertext and image searches, to offer a variety of distribution channels.
But we also offer the possibility of a printed edition. In this case too, EdiXion‘s books will be unique and memorable for their special graphic design. We can also offer precious editions, especially for bibliophiles, in collaboration with renowned printers.

EdiXion and Art Consulting: books for worthy artists. EdiXion is the publishing house of Art Consulting, which will carefully select the artists. Each book will serve as a bridge between the artist and their potential collectors. Artists will have access to a new art market: ethical.

Where can EdiXion books be purchased? EdiXion books will be available to the general public because they will be distributed on all the major electronic book platforms: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Press, Issuu, Yumpu or Kobo. Depending on the specific features of each book, we will choose the most suitable platform.

But how much will it cost to publish a book with EdiXion? Artists deemed particularly worthy will be supported by EdiXion.
Publishing costs will be determined on the basis of the unique characteristics of each editorial project. You can request a no-obligation quote and we will be happy to show you what we can do for you.
In any case, prices will be ethical, as well as our idea of art.