Donato Frisia. L’ultima stagione: 1935-1953

Pizziolo, M 2003, Donato Frisia. L’ultima stagione: 1935-1953, Bellavite, Merate.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in the rooms of Villa Confalonieri, in Merate. It proposes a reinterpretation of the final season of painting of Donato Frisia, the Italian artist who created an extraordinary gallery of landscapes, figures and still-lifes. “In my studio, on the easel, I always have a self-portrait to discover a moral problem and, on another easel, a still-life to resolve a technical problem”, the artist confided to critic Orio Vergani in 1948.

“And we have reached the final season: meditated, severe, but still capable of heart-rending outbursts, when the rose pink of the sunset veils the vision like a light powder or the eyes of a self-portrait scrutinise peremptorily that line beyond which they seem to guess that darkness resides. Guido Guerrasio, the author in 1955 of a poetic documentary on Frisia’s work, commented: ‘gradually his paintings take on a more aristocratic tone; it is the tone of detachment, a gentle confusion of greys’.
All the landscapes of this final season – and this is increasingly perceptible with the passing of the years – are treated by Frisia with great speed, with frenzy. A frenzy that does not reflect the will to grasp any specific weather conditions, but the fear of not succeeding to contain within the perimeter of the picture that congestion of lines, volumes and planes, that precarious form which for an instant is revealed to Frisia’s eyes. The reason that for an instant becomes the geometry of the view”.