Donato Frisia: differita di un evento

Pizziolo, M 1997, Donato Frisia: differita di un evento, Galleria Mari, Imbersago.

The anastatic reprint of the monograph published in 1954 to mark the exhibition commemorating Donato Frisia, held at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Milan. Preceded by an essay by Marina Pizziolo, this reprint made an absolutely unobtainable work available to the attentive public of collectors and bibliophiles.

“This monograph conserves a fundamental historical value since it testifies to what the notion of Frisia’s work was in the 1950s. We see Frisia’s role in Lombard Impressionism, his ancestral debt to the painting of Emilio Gola and the definition of his painterly texture as almost mural: a picture built around the choice of paintings shown in this book. A book that keeps silent, it is true, about the influences of Cézanne, Modigliani or Toulouse-Lautrec, keeps silent about the episodic tangencies with Chiarismo or Valori Plastici, but has the unquestionable merit of looking at Frisia through the eyes of his time. A time that Borgese was already defining as the time ‘of ugliness, lies, fraud, inversion and rotten innovation’. Before the extravagant abstention of the conceptual artists, before the spine-chilling self-mutilations of Orlan, before the obsessive ‘tradition of the new’ theorised by Rosenberg squeezed art into a room tapestried with mirrors, which for all too long did nothing but convey to us a disquieting vision of nothingness”.