Di-segno opposto. Opere su carta di Morlotti

Pizziolo, M 1994, Di-segno opposto. Opere su carta di Ennio Morlotti, Fondazione Corrente, Milan.

A precious numbered edition published in Milan by the Corrente Foundation presents a meticulous analysis of the works on paper of Ennio Morlotti.

“The drawings, therefore, are also sheets from the same score. If for Morlotti it makes no sense to speak of conjectured growth, neither does it make sense to believe that his progression takes place through unexpected illuminations. His is rather a slow, painful metamorphosis that is performed through sudden lacerations, through rips. From the cry of youth, from its corrosive passion, to the blinded silence of the end. From the analytical ardour of Cubism, through the frightening journey into ‘vegetal flesh’, to the rarefaction of the material flooded by light. Eros, erosion, hallucination: the three tempos of his symphony”.

The presentation of the book ‘Di-segno opposto’ at the Corrente Foundation in Milan. From left, Vittorio Fagone, Mario De Micheli, Marina Pizziolo, Ernesto Treccani and Raffaele De Grada