Corrente. Opere su carta 1938-1945

Pizziolo, M 1998, Corrente. Opere su carta 1938-1945, Fondazione Corrente, Milan.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in Milan, at the Corrente Foundation, as a further investigation of the major retrospective commissioned at the same time at the Museum of La Permanente, again curated by Marina Pizziolo.

In the crucial years from 1943 to 1945, many artists took refuge in the instantaneousness of drawing which, with its capacity to stop and form reality in an almost immediate way, proved the most appropriate means to which to entrust the testimony of the tragedy taking place before them. “I have started to draw, I have stopped painting”, Birolli was to write on 15 May 1943: “Suspension of colours. Days and days of black signs?”.

Milan, Corrente Foundation, opening of the exhibition ‘Corrente. Opere su carta’. Ernesto Treccani and Marina Pizziolo are seen from the front