Corrente e oltre. La collezione Stellatelli

Pizziolo, M 1998, Corrente e oltre. Opere dalla collezione Stellatelli. 1930-1990, Charta, Milan.

Here above the full version of the book. You can browse the 258 pages of the eBook, read the essay by Marina Pizziolo and her in-depth interview with five protagonists of the Corrente movement: Raffaele De Grada, Mario De Micheli, Aligi Sassu, Ernesto Treccani and Emilio Vedova.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in Milan, at the Museum of La Permanente. The Stellatelli collection offers a unique perspective on the careers of fifteen artists who participated in the Corrente movement in the period between 1930 and 1990. Sixty years of Italian art are reflected in the work of these artists.

The destiny of an entire generation of Italians who bet on red or black in the tragic roulette of the history of last century, losing either way, is contained in the brief epic of the artists of Corrente, the magazine founded in 1938 by Ernesto Treccani. A review must be a revisiting of the places of memory, illuminated by knowledge of the epilogue: because there is a follow-up to every story which falls outside the short time of its taking place. This is the reason for Corrente e oltre, Corrente and beyond. The beyond of Oltre Guernica, Beyond Guernica, the manifesto signed in 1946 by Morlotti and Vedova. Beyond in a temporal sense due to the desire to analyse the premises and outcomes of the movement. Beyond as a desire to go beyond the interpretations of the Corrente movement so far: too often still made under the aegis of that political passion that was at its source.

A corner of the Stellatelli home. Other paintings hang behind the huge ‘Tondo’ by Emilio Vedova