Carmassi. Opere recenti

Manciet, B & Pizziolo, M 1999, Carmassi. Opere recenti, Il Ponte, Florence.

A monograph published to coincide with the exhibition held at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. With extreme cohesiveness, Carmassi raises his secular cry against the pain of living. Precious testimony of an original artistic career.

“And the latest works persistently propose the intensely meaningful sign of the cross. A cross that does not identify the place of the sacred, that of a hypothetical transcendence that Carmassi’s secular creed does not consider, but one that becomes the sign of a semantic obstruction that prevents entry to the beyond. It is up to us to feel whether The great door has closed leaving us outside. Or inside. Because the cross is not the announcement of a necessary, expected sacrifice. Rather, it is the nervous system of reality painfully laid bare. Stretched across those exuding surfaces like a crossbow ready to fire its deadly arrow”.

Arturo Carmassi, Marina Pizziolo and Carmassi’s assistant in the artist’s studio at Fucecchio, Tuscany