Carmassi. 1950-1998

Menato, G & Pizziolo, M 1998, Carmassi. 1950-1998, Edizione Il Ponte, Florence.

The careful reconstruction of the long artistic career of one of the protagonists of the second half of the 20th century.

“Carmassi’s latest works are therefore qualified as powerful stagings of the existential drama. Splendid wreckages of a shipwreck about to happen, that of the millennium coming to an end. If Passe-partout per l’eternità in 1979 was the enigmatic mechanism of a device which set the exact calibre of his anomalous Cartesian axes against the void of history, today it is the angst-ridden Teofania. The idol that opens her great wings that do not cast shadows. Ready to glide in a silent flight adrift in time”.