Barbara Nahmad. Yesterday now

Pizziolo, M & Sciaccaluga, M 2005, Barbara Nahmad. Yesterday now, Fondazione Bandera, Busto Arsizio.

The catalogue of the exhibition held at the Fondazione Bandera when it was directed by Marina Pizziolo. A series of extraordinary portraits of the protagonists of the 1960s. What look like fragments of huge posters, torn by an irreverent hand to compose a mosaic of an age that was the catalyser that enabled ours to grow.

“There are dates that rise up in time as bastions of an impregnable fortress. To the extent of casting onto the sequence of days, past and future, two long shadows between which everything that has been or that will be becomes a before or an after. The 1960s are one of those bastions. Human beings in space for the first time. Students on the barricades in a struggle that began out of love and ended in blood. Pop stars in the fight for peace. A man with a beret killed for an ideal that was too great. Marilyn who decided never to grow old, freezing the image of her beauty in the desperate loneliness of a room. A president’s murder, live on TV, with those exploding shreds, tragic butterflies that Jacqueline uselessly tries to clutch. While the Vietnam epic is being consumed through those enormous goggle boxes that were entering every home in those years. The first war as a spectacle, where blood is still a tranquil grey.
Yesterday now. A journey in time, yet far removed from sterile nostalgia. Because Barbara Nahmad’s portraits belong to a past, but a recent past. The faces of the protagonists of the social, cultural, political history of the fabulous 1960s are presented in an epic gallery of portraits. From Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy, from Che Guevara to Martin Luther King, from Mick Jagger to John Lennon: stars, heroes or martyrs, all icons of a time that was able to break through barriers long erected as impassable defences of the way of thinking and living of all of us”.

Marina Pizziolo and Barbara Nahmad in front of her portrait of Che Guevara at the exhibition ‘Yesterday now’, at Fondazione Bandera