Pizziolo, M 1996, Attracchi, Brainframes, Imbersago.

Catalogue of the event held in Agrate Brianza just outside Milan, in 1996. For three days the town hall was transformed, with twenty-one installations by international artists creating a provocative Babel of artistic languages.

“A cultural operation such as Attracchi has values that are genuinely and provocatively popular. Turning the architectural space of the municipal building into a metaphorical port for the temporary berthing of 21 installations means wanting to involve the public in a project that subverts the usual.
The works created during the three-day event (the catalogue is illustrated with the projects for the installations, the execution of which was published on the Internet), ephemeral works, provisional alterations of an urban space that habit tends to make invisible, will have the value of 21 spatial mutations created by artists from other shores. Acting not in the space, but on the space, is the meaning of the installations that form a new metaphorical Babel”.