Arturo Carmassi. Collages e sabbie 1977-1994

Pizziolo, M 2000, Arturo Carmassi. Collages e sabbie 1977-1994, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Brussels.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in Brussels and dedicated to one of the protagonists of the Italian artistic scene of the post-war period.

“Carmassi never copied himself, precisely because he never set out in search of something. Yet, over the years, he has known how to distance himself from that genre of non-painting that exhibits its reason for action in experimenting the sign. It was in order to free himself from this risk that towards the end of the 1970s he composed that mighty linguistic metaphor that is the Journal perpétuel: a series of three hundred engravings that represent a precious document of the possibilities of the sign. Because if the sign is not fabula this does not mean that it degenerates into nonsense, or is reduced to a graphic caprice. The sign, by its very nature, must be the bridge thrown by reason across something. It must point somewhere. This is the code of the Italianness – or rather the Tuscanness, in the Renaissance sense of Classical rigour – of Carmassi’s art”.