Arturo Carmassi. 1980-2005

Pizziolo, M & Vanni, A 2005, Arturo Carmassi. 1980-2005, Luciano Vanni Editore, Terni.

A monograph published to mark the major exhibition commissioned at the Fondazione Bandera when under the direction of Marina Pizziolo. It presents a fascinating reconstruction of the research of a protagonist of the European art scene.

“Carmassi’s motivation to use materials to penetrate beyond things is a slow journey that proceeds through the patient weaving together of a close dialogue between sign and surface. It is from canvas, the traditional starting-point of painting, a link exhibited with a classical inheritance of which Carmassi – as a Tuscan – is justly proud, that the construction of the works invariably begins. But Carmassi uses canvas beyond its usual spatial code. The canvas does not identify the perimeter of a different way of seeing: it is the place where shapes emerge, pushed up behind the surface by that same telluric force that has swollen the plane where they appear. On the canvases, in fact, what takes shape is a heterogeneous proliferation of materials, a thick stratification of cardboard wood, sand, cloth and rope, which turns the plane of the canvas into a pregnant terrain that reveals the tension of subtended nervous systems or exhibits the bundling together of the most diverse materials. Tragic exfoliation of the time that has been.”

Arturo Carmassi and Marina Pizziolo in the artist’s studio at Fucecchio, Tuscany