ArTours. Dan Graham, environmental sculpture, Lofoten islands

The surface of the sculpture, concave and reflective, offers us a unique view of the landscape. The mountains and the sea are around us: their presence is majestic and alive. It envelops us with smells, sounds and wind, sun and rain and snow. Yet it is that portion of space, captured by the sculpture, that acts on us as a generator of questions. The framed space imposes itself as an artistic space: as a representation.

As we move, the reflected portion of the landscape changes and we find ourselves within a process of experience whose rhythm and narration we are able to regulate. The event is created by the sculpture and its filmically variable surroundings, but we are able to take part in its game. We can choose our role, our position in the context.

The work of art by the American artist Dan Graham is a painting, an object and an architectural form, but above all it is an event. Unforgettable.

Nicolò Quirico Andrea Cereda