Artéfici, non artefìci. Arte russa contemporanea

Pizziolo, M 1991, Artéfici, non artefìci. Arte russa contemporanea, Proserpia, Milan.

The catalogue of one of the first reviews of contemporary Russian art, which took place in Italy after Perestroika. Held under the aegis of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, it presents an exciting exploration of the Moscow scene.

“Even if the intellectual climate in Moscow today, in many ways, is similar to that thrilling climate that was felt in the years of the revolution, there is considerable disorientation. The question by Nikolai Chernyshevsky, What to do?, is more topical than ever. What must the role of intellectuals be in the age of Glasnost? Late, compared to Westerners, Soviet artists are experiencing this Götterdämmerung, a profound crisis that affects the very role of the artist, the ultimate goals of art”.

The artist Natalija Tichonovna Sorokina, Marina Pizziolo, Boris N. Vystavkin, the artist Vjaceslav Zacharovic Artemov and a member of the Soviet delegation, in Bergamo for the exhibition ‘Artéfici. Non artefìci’