Antologia della figurazione contemporanea

Pizziolo, M & Sgarbi, V 2006, Antologia della figurazione contemporanea. Italia: le ultime generazioni. 1, Skira, Milan.

The first stage of a vast overview of contemporary figuration. An unprejudiced look back at our stormy 20th century, at its ideological battles, fought on the barricades of modernity. A modernity paid for all too often with an unjust silence over the research of many artists expressing the poetry of reality.

“It was 1970 when Gino De Dominicis presented his Mozzarella in carrozza. A black carriage [carrozza], without any horses. Without the possibility of movement. Yet running away from another dimension. The one that enveloped those who, when they put their heads into the dimly lit carriage, perceived, amid the odour of the old, of dust and of leather, the aroma of that mozzarella. And saw its pale surface palpitate, almost bright, on the darkness of the seat. A provocation. Clever. Yet finite. In the sense that a provocation is valid precisely as a lacerating gesture, a powerful tear, due to the very fact that it is unexpected. Without the possibility of reiteration. But it is here that the paradox of modernity lies. Having raised transgression to the level of a rule. The provocation of the new to an academy.”