Aligi Sassu

Chiappini, R & Pizziolo, M 2004, Aligi Sassu, MAN, Nuoro.

The catalogue of the exhibition held in Sardinia at the MAN Museum. It presents a retrospective reconstruction of the painting of Aligi Sassu. One of the protagonists of the 20th century Italian art scene. From the years of his youthful Futurist militancy to that profession of faith in Realism that was to characterise all his research.

“Aligi Sassu never yielded to the temptation to pass off the void or the silence of forms as arcana of his intellectuality. Throughout his life he chose, instead, to fight a courageous battle in defence of the image. A battle that starting out from the audacious barricade of modernity erected by the Futurists ‘on the extreme promontory of the centuries’, led him to traverse the dangerous years of the 20th century always holding high the flag of reality which, for Sassu, bore the same strong colours as the flag of painting. In 1998, in what represents the testament of his aesthetics, Sassu wrote: ‘The conviction that everything has already been done and that nothing can be done any longer in the representation of man and nature is what moves the abstract and informal avant-gardes. But, I […] consider that this conviction is devoid of aesthetic relevance, since the negation of the natural vision of reality is not – as is perhaps believed – a passport to escape from the real order of things’. Aligi Sassu’s faith in the representation of the real is closely bound to profound convictions which the artist combines with a commitment to bear witness, yet which cannot be separated from the reasons of painting”.