Aligi Sassu. Antologica 1927-1999

Pizziolo, M 1999, Aligi Sassu. Antologica 1927-1999, Skira, Milan.

The extensive catalogue by Marina Pizziolo reconstructs Sassu’s complex artistic career and contains various essays, including those by Antonio Paolucci on his painting, by Carlo Pedretti on his monumental works, by Paolo Moreno on his sculpture and by Giancarlo Bojani on his pottery. All the works exhibited in the last major retrospective held in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi shortly before Sassu’s death are documented in it.

We then go on from the Futurist adventure to veer in the direction of the taste of the primitives, from the cycle of the red men to the works in which the Realist option appeared for the first time, from the parallel exploration of myth to the works on the theme of war, from the cycle devoted to the Maison Tellier to the painting of social commitment, from the discovery of Hispanidad to the new season of myth. What emerges is a vivid portrait of an artist who lived through the 20th century enlivened by an inexhaustible faith in the possibilities of painting.

Marina Pizziolo with Aligi Sassu and Maria Helenita Olivares at the press conference of the exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence