This will be the site where art works for life. We know we must all count our blessings. We have the privilege of being able to enjoy art, beauty and harmony. We can afford to buy works of art and do so because we know this brings poetry into our lives. While we are lucky enough to enjoy the subtle aromas of beauty, we also have the ability to help those who worry about hunger, violence and disease. Together, we can bring them more beauty too.
Beauty might be a simple piece of bread, the possibility of procuring medicines, a safe place to learn, a book, a computer for studying, a loan to create a self-supporting business or the opportunity to learn new skills.

Art for Life is the place where we will state our aims. It’s also where we will achieve those aims, one by one. Since art is powerful it can provide powerful results. And we will achieve these results. Together.
To get involved in the Art for Life projects, please feel free to send your suggestions. Let us know if you would like to join us on our journey and make a difference in your own life by making a difference in other peoples’ lives.