Curator Marina Pizziolo interviews Arturo Carmassi in his Tuscan studio during the large retrospective of his work held in 2005, when she was the director of the Fondazione Bandera. French director Jean-Claude Luyat’s film provides an insight into the intriguing world of this great artist, who died in 2015.

At the Italian Institute of Culture in New Delhi, India, in January 2012 we presented our book on a contemporary Indian art collection we had curated. In this interview, held in Jodhpur, the Italian collector Antonio Stellatelli talks about the collection and his relationship with India and its artists.

In March 2013, at our conference on art collecting held at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Andrea Bianconi gave a performance commissioned by us.

A discourse that starts from the difference between artistic and documentary photography and moves on to address  the fascinating issue of the representation of fear and pain in contemporary art.

In February 2013 in New Delhi, we commissioned Indian artist Neha Choksi to give a performance as a prelude to our conference devoted to the reasons for collecting art.

Hemali Bhuta welcomes us to her studio in Mumbai, in India, to talk to us about the hidden meaning of her work, focusing on a series of works that are central to her research: columns.