Our Brochure

Site specific projects with major artists. Our role as Art Consultants is to envision the most fitting and finest artworks for every space: exclusive private homes, luxury hotels, cruise ships or company headquarters. Our job is to coordinate the expectations of the Client and the technical and aesthetic requirements of Architects and Designers with the creativity of the world’s finest Artists, guiding the complex process that leads to the realisation and installation of totally unique works of art.

Imagine. Imagine a floor that comes to life as you walk on it. Imagine a refined sculpture emerging from the wall. Imagine the facade of a hotel or a company headquarters as it lights up in the evening to undergo a transformation that has all the magic of a fairytale. Imagine something that does not exist yet because it will be created exclusively for you by a great Artist.

The Spaces Brochure is exclusive to our selected clientele.
Browse the preview in this page or contact us and we will send you the high definition PDF.