Personal Art Consultant

An exclusive lane. There are many ways to arrive before the others. One particularly exclusive, relaxed and gratifying way is to be overseen by your very own Personal Art Consultant.

With our assistance, you will succeed in understanding what is concealed behind a work of art, from the classical to the more innovative. You will be able to go on an exciting journey behind the scenes, visiting the artists’ studios, even those of the most important ones in the world. You will be able to unveil the unwritten rules that govern the art market.

Marina Pizziolo with a collector looking at a work by Sudarshan Shetty

To arrive where you want to. If, then, your aim is to build up a highly prestigious collection, to acquire a masterpiece that is only available to few or to have a great artist create a work for you, discover what you can do with your own Personal Art Consultant.