List of services

Personal Art Consultant

Art collections for private and public spaces
Commissioning artworks for indoor and outdoor spaces
Commissioning monumental public artworks
Working in association with architectural and urbanistic projects
Street Art projects
Turnkey art collections for villas and residences
Augmented and virtual reality for art, culture and museums
Conceptual and operational profiles for museums
Establishing foundations and private museums

Acquisition and sale
Pre-acquisition condition reports
Purchasing plans
Exclusive mandates and representation for acquisition and sale

Coaching for collectors
Mentoring for artists
Consultancy on auction purchases

Critical studies of artworks
Authentication request procedures and inclusion in official archives
Upgrading of collections
Loans to museums
Drafting and publishing catalogues of collections

Checks on pertinence to the theme of the collection
Authenticity checks and dating by means of historical-critical studies and scientific analyses

Check on the state of conservation
Scheduled maintenance of the collection
Restoration work

Collection management
Creation of databases to manage the collection
Layout design and lighting in accordance with museum standards
Installation of works of art, including multimedia or monumental ones
Creation of archives and monitored warehouses
Assistance in the transportation of artworks

Art wealth management
Splitting of inherited collections
Bespoke art market reports

Artistic interpretations of company requirements