Let’s talk about Slow Art

Acquiring a work of art needs care and time. But the pace imposed by the market is absurdly fast. An auction session gobbles up a work a minute. At a fair you are asked to take purchasing decisions within hours. Without the possibility of verification or reflection. That is why we want to talk to you about Slow Art. It is a new way of approaching art. Meditative, relaxed, a source of pleasure and not anxiety.

Before acquiring a work of art, contact us. Your Personal Art Consultant will be by your side to enable you to examine in depth the works of art you are offered. And perhaps to buy them, if it is truly worth it. In complete tranquillity. Avoiding the market’s pitfalls.

Art is a window open wide onto the infinite, but it is a window that you need to know how to open. With us you can participate in seminars held by Consultants who have created museum collections, discovering the unwritten rules governing the art market. With us you can visit the studios of the greatest artists on the international scene, talk to them, discover how and where the works take shape that until now you had only seen in a museum.

To create your collection with us, we can also accompany you on exclusive trips that will give you the keys to the fascinating world of contemporary art. You will be the protagonists of an unprecedented journey behind the scenes, in India, China, Pakistan, Europe, USA and Brazil: where tomorrow’s art is taking shape. Our trips will be a way of discovering the true spirit of a culture: beyond the fads and the arrogant ways of the art market. They will be trips to enable you to truly understand the magic of art, before collecting it. Anywhere in the world.