Focus on an Indian artist: Hemali Bhuta

Hemali Bhuta welcomed us to her studio in Mumbai, where she explained the meanings behind her work, focusing on aspects of a series of artworks central to her work: the columns. In theory these ideal forms, extending between one extreme and the other, represent a link, yet in reality they highlight a distance. The column takes the shape of an absence.

Her multidisciplinary practice concerns, first of all, the notion of space “in the middle” or “transitory” space and the elements that contain or create these spaces. For Bhuta the space in the middle is a plane where dimensional limitations do not apply and where there is a possibility of transcendence. Bhuta’s work often refers to rituals, both religious and domestic, connecting with her previous experience as an interior designer. She uses materials that belong to rituality, from wax to alum or soap, to transform spaces and attract the attention towards forgotten corners and architectural details.

Hemali Bhuta is one of the most interesting Indian artists of her generation.